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Commercial Roofing

Artisan Roofing (Surrey) Ltd have worked on numerous premises including industrial estates, retail parks, schools, council buildings, Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and car dealerships. Here at Artisan Roofing (Surrey) Ltd we offer a range of commercial / industrial refurbishment roofing systems for flat roofs, corrugated asbestos roofs and box gutters.

For flat roofs we recommend Rubberbond single ply systems, when refurbishing a commercial flat roof building control have to be notified by law and the refurbishment must include insulation to bring roof specification up to currant regulations (part 1L) This often has a positive effect on reducing the carbon foot print of the business and energy bills and offers some structural stability to roof area.

When using a liquid applied system it is classed a repair and therefore building regulations are not required, this system is recommended when the roof has permanent obstructions, which could be costly to remove and replace. Metal cladding can deteriorate especially on cut end details; we offer a liquid applied system with reinforcing to solve these issues.

Corrugated asbestos roof removal and replacement can be a very expensive solution, we can offer several liquid applied systems with 10-20 year guarantees, encapsulation is the more commonly used system. Box gutters, we have a solution for all box gutter repairs from liquid applied systems to bespoke hinged EPDM steel lining systems (Eco-liner gutter lining system) from AMPTEAM with 10-20 year guarantees.