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If your roof is leaking and you require a high quality, long lasting, once and for all repair look no further than EPDM Liquid Rubber roofing for your solution.

Suitable for domestic flat roofs, garages, commercial and industrial roofing EPDM Rubber bond makes all rips, tears and cracks completely waterproof.

Using EPDM Liquid Rubber ensures an effective, long-lasting roof repair and minimal disruption, as it easy to apply by brush or roller and there is no need for a primer .

About EPDM Liquid Rubber roofing

EPDM sealants and coatings are renowned in the construction industry as one of the best roofing products you can choose. Benefit include:

  • Long life
  • UV and ozone resistance
  • Withstands ponding water or immersion immediately and indefinitely
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Long-term durability
  • Flexibility and durability.
  • Temperature resistant